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ODDS, LLC - A VHS Tape Transfer Service Company In St Louis Mo

St Louis Mo Hi 8 Video Tape Transfer Service

​Looking to have your old Hi 8 video tapes transferred to DVD?  You have come to the right place!  At ODDS we will convert your entire Hi 8 video cassette tapes to digital format at an affordable price. 
​We consider it a straight transfer when we transfer from an Hi 8 tape to a DVD disc. This process does not allow editing of your video but it is the least expensive option and is the number one reason ODDS,LLC offers our services; for the affordability!  We can take virtually any Hi 8 video tape cassette and convert it to disc/DVD. If your Hi 8 video is longer than three hours, then it will require an additional straight transfer charge for a second disc.  Please view our "3 or 3" special video transfer pricing.  

Often times our client’s video tapes are shorter than three hours which allows us to combine more than one tape on to a single DVD.  Different types of tape usually have different lengths of video on them when they are full. To the right is a chart of the different types of video tapes and how long of a recording is typically on them.  

Hi 8 Video Tape Transfer Services In St Louis Mo
8 mm video tape cassette transfer services in St Louis Mo
Have 8mm tapes and want the 
transferred to digital format?  

Click here for our 8mm video tape transfer services in St Louis.
Transfer you 8mm tapes to DVD in St Louis Now!  Call ODDS,LLC
Why transfer your 8mm tapes to video?  Click Here
Video tape cassette transfers have different tape lengths.  Please view this chart to see the different types of video tapes and the typical length of footage on each type of cassette.