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ODDS, LLC - A VHS Tape Transfer Service Company In St Louis Mo

St Louis Digital Data Transfer Services @ ODDS, LLC | Our Services Include:

​Audio Cassette Tape Transfer To Digital CD   
Have an audio C120 cassette tape that needs transferring?  ODDS,LLC offers audio tape transferring to digital CD format.  At ODDS we will convert your entire audio cassette tape, both sides, to a high quality CD. Audio cassettes have become as obsolete as VHS tapes. Unfortunately they also degrade over time due to humidity, heat & the magnetic field of our planet. Also the playing of the tapes over & over again rubs the tape over the audio head & wears out the magnetic material. Many of us have important memories recorded on cassettes. Some may have recorded their own songs & now want to transfer it onto CD.  ODDS can help!  Want to learn more about our audio tape transferring services in St Louis?  Learn More >>>

VHS Tape Transfer To Digital Format
Have old VHS tapes that need to be transferred to digital DVD?  You should do it sooner rather than later.  There are a few problems with keeping these old VHS video tapes: VHS Tapes are Bulky, VHS and Video Tapes Deteriorate and Break, and VHS Tapes are Obsolete.  For these three reasons, it is important to transfer these to DVD so you can preserve your old memories.  Need VHS transferring services Learn More >>>

​Digital8 Tape Transfer To Digital Format (DVD)
The Digital8 format is a combination of the older Hi8 tape transport with the DV codec. Digital8 equipment uses the same videocassettes as analog recording Hi8 equipment, but differs in that the signal is not analog audio/analog video, but is encoded digitally (using the industry-standard DV codec.) Since Digital8 uses the DV codec, it has identical digital audio and digital video specifications.  Have Digital8 tapes that need to be transferred to DVD?  ODDS,LLC can help!  
Learn More >>> 

Mini DV Tape Transfer To Digital Format (DVD)
Mini DV tapes are the most common type of video tape that is still being filmed today. Mini DV tapes are available in either High Definition or Standard Definition. Although Mini DV tapes offer the highest quality when it comes to video tapes, watching them back on your television or computer can be problematic. Mini DV tapes were introduced in 1995, and have since gained popularity over other types of video tapes.  Have MiniDV tapes that need to be transferred to DVD in St Louis?  ODDS,LLC can help!  Learn More >>>

VHS-C Tape Transfer To Digital Format (DVD)
VHS-C is the compact form of VHS that was popular for a short time. VHS-C tapes have their own idiosyncrasies but we are familiar with them and know how to achieve a good result with your valuable content on them. After capture we transfer each VHS-C tape to its own Platinum Archival DVD where the content can be stored and protected for many years to come.  Have VHS-C tapes that need to be transferred to DVD in St Louis?  ODDS,LLC can help!  Learn More >>>

Hi 8 Tape Transfer to Digital Format (DVD)
It seems everything is going digital these days, nobody watches video tapes anymore. Camcorders and VCRs that will play the Hi 8 video tapes are becoming quite difficult to find particularly since they quit making them a few years ago. Soon it will become much more difficult transferring these videos to DVD without any functioning players. The good news is once your family memories have been converted from Hi 8 video tapes to DVD or digital files, they will no longer suffer from picture decay. The bad news is the longer you wait to convert them, the worse the image quality will get.  Have Hi 8 tapes that need to be transferred to DVD in St Louis?  ODDS,LLC can help!  Learn More >>> 

​Video Slideshows/Montages
Have a birthday coming up for a loved one? What about a milestone anniversary or vow renewal? The options are endless when it comes to video slideshow production. If you want to entertain all of your family and friends this Christmas consider gathering all of your photos of Christmas over the years and putting them into a video slideshow on DVD. How entertaining would that be!  ODDS,LLC can help!  Learn More and Click here for more information on our St Louis photo slideshow / montage services >>>
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